As a holistic therapy, a Tantric Massage therapy session will leave you more balanced and integrated on various levels of your being.

Specific Benefits:

    • Increased ability to relate to emotions and sexuality in a healthy way
    • Increased connection to your feminine nature
    • Increased feeling of being at home in your body, emotions and sexuality
    • Increased ability to receive and give love, both to yourself and others
    • Increased ability to connect to yourself and others in meaningful ways
    • Release of emotional tensions, traumas and dysfunctions
    • Release of sexual tensions, traumas and dysfunctions
    • Increased ability to experience joy, connection, love and pleasure
  • Increased ability to experience deeper orgasms / female ejaculation

Earth Sky Tantra is very effective for the following conditions :

    • Emotional or stress related issues
    • Body aches
    • Insomnia
    • Past emotional or sexual traumas
    • Loss of interest in sex
    • Difficulty to orgasm
    • Difficulty to fully let go during lovemaking
    • Vaginism
    • Depression
    • Imbalance in relationship / connections with men
    • Insecurity / difficulty to trust
    • Inability to speak your truth
  • Disconnection with your feminine nature

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