Session Procedure

Session Procedure

A Full Tantric Bodywork session usually takes somewhere between 4 to 5 hours. A session has the following steps.

  • Questionnaire

When you book your session, I will send you a confidential questionnaire. You can fill this in beforehand or right before the consultation. This questionnaire gives you the opportunity to let me know about any expectations, wishes or fears you have about the session. It will help me to understand your needs.

  • Consultation – About 30 min

During the consultation, I will ask you some questions about you as a person and your life situation, so I can get a feel about how to shape the session to your specific situation. It also helps us to get to know each other a bit before we start. It’s important for me to understand your situation as a client, so the session can be customized to your particular needs and wishes, but it’s equally important for you as a client to feel understood and cared for. During the consultation, you are also welcome to ask any questions you may have. After the consultation, you’re welcome to take a shower if you would like that.

  • Guided Meditation – About 20 min

I will guide you through an active meditation which will help you to connect to yourself, your heart, your body and your emotions. No experience in meditation is required for this.

  • Connection – About 20 min

Before starting the bodywork, I will guide you through a connection ritual, which will help to establish a bond of trust between us. As part of the ritual, we’ll connect by looking each other in the eyes, and by exploring touch in a non-sexual way. Having a sense of connection between client and therapist allows me to create a safe space for you, where you can feel loved and accepted exactly the way you are at any given moment during the session. This bond of acceptance will also help you to accept yourself and any feelings or emotions that may come up for you during the session.

  • Bodywork – 2 to 3 hours

The bodywork combines both deep pressure and lighter loving & sensual touch. The deep pressure eliminates energetic blockages from your body, allowing you to release old energies, and allowing the natural flow of healing energy. For the first part of the bodywork, you will be covered with a sarong (cloth). The second part is done with oil on the naked body. (If you prefer to remain clothed, you can choose to receive the Thai Massage Course)

  • Yoni Massage – 1 to 2 hours (Exclusive to ‘Full Course’)

I will always ask your permission before starting the Yoni (Sanskrit word for vagina) massage. The way we relate to sexuality is very significant in shaping every aspect of our lives. A lot of old traumas, emotional blockages and pains of the past get stored at the sexual level of our being. Tantric Yoni massage aims to relax and release these tensions which you may be keeping in this area. Especially the G-Spot stores a lot of our old emotions, tensions and traumas. You can trust that I will regard every part of the Yoni massage with the highest degree of sacredness and respect.

The Yoni massage can be experienced in many different ways. The same person may experience strong pleasure in one part of the Yoni, while experiencing pain and trauma in other parts. You may experience emotions, pleasure, pain and numbness all during the same session, and in the next session it may feel different yet again. The key is to allow yourself to experience whatever comes up in that moment. I will encourage you to let go of any expectations towards yourself, so you may allow yourself to surrender fully to the experience. You may or may not experience orgasm during the session. If it happens, it is beautiful, but the Yoni massage does not focus on orgasms. You are fully invited to experience the Yoni massage without any expectations towards yourself.

Some women may experience a form of female ejaculation during the Yoni massage. This is a release of particular inner fluids, often accompanied by great emotional release. My method of Yoni massage will never forcefully cause this to occur, but it does often happen naturally as a powerful by-product. It is good to know as a client that there is nothing embarrassing about it. This way, clients can fully let go as they go into this experience.

  • Integration and Closing

After the Yoni massage, I will conclude the massage in a way that integrates the energy in the whole body. You will receive plenty of time to allow everything to settle inside, and I’ll be there for your support. There is space for sharing something about your experience, and I can offer you feedback, tips, and possibly some suggested practices, based on my observations throughout the session. You are welcome to take a shower and enjoy a cup of tea or a piece of fruit.

  • After-Care

Soon after the session, I will send you a personalized email to remind you of ways how you can gently look after yourself after receiving the session, and I will remind you in more detail of any practice suggestions or tips I may have for you. Tantric Therapy is very profound and powerful, and as part of any genuine healing process, there is a possibility of feeling increased sensitivity on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels. During this period after receiving a session, you are always very welcome to reach out to me for extra support.

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