What is Tantra?

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient form of spirituality, originating from the region of Kashmir, in the North of India. As all genuine spiritual paths, the goal of Tantra is spiritual liberation. Tantra is famous today as a system that deals with bringing love, consciousness and purification to sexuality. The reason for this, is because Tantra is one of the only spiritual systems that gave high importance to sexuality. Most of the major spiritual systems always avoided the topic of sexuality, while Tantra was not afraid to address it in its totality. Tantra states that sexual energy is one of our root energies, and that if our sexuality is impure, this impurity will be reflected in all other aspects of our lives. For this reason, Tantra introduced many practices to purify our sexuality by raising it into consciousness and connecting it to love.

However, Tantra is much, much more than just the purification of sexuality. It is a complete spiritual path onto itself, embracing all of the 7 levels of evolution (of which sexuality is only the second one). Tantra as a spiritual path is known for being the path that says ‘yes’ to every aspect of life. Tantra states that everything in the universe is intimately interconnected, and that there is a divine universal intelligence that flows through the whole universe. For this reason, one of the main practices of Tantra is to see the Divine in everything, everywhere, and at every time. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everything in life should be blindly tolerated, but rather, that there is a divine lesson to be learned in every little aspect of life; like a little signpost towards God.

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