About Me

About Me

I have been involved in bodywork since a young age, making touch my second nature. I’m a passionate spiritual soul, having deeply explored the nature of love, fulfillment, sexuality and conscious living for the past ten years. I’ve been particularly active as a practitioner of Classic Tantra Yoga, as part of the Tantra Yoga school in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Thanks to my rich background in spirituality and Tantra, I offer clients a deep and holistic understanding of their particular needs. I am gifted in creating a safe and loving space of mutual trust, where clients can quickly drop into a space of true relaxation and truthfulness towards their own Heart and Soul.

My vision is that every person is a little universe, and that the universe is reflected in every person. I respect the fact that we’re all human beings, with each our own challenges and limitations, but I’m also firmly convinced that every person has a God or Goddess inside with limitless potential, waiting to be discovered and explored. As a client, it’s not at all required to have similar ideas or visions. Rather, you are offered a direct experience in which you can get a glimpse—or possibly more than just a glimpse—of your inner Goddess.

Whether you’ve experienced difficult challenges or trauma in your life and feel desperate to let go of your baggage, or whether you long to explore your own inner universe and the nature of bliss; I will adapt the Tantric Journey to your needs, desires, boundaries and expectations.

I am based in Chiang Mai (Thailand), but often travel to other countries to offer Tantra therapy sessions.

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